"This book is a great resource for parents, grandparents, and teachers to share with children in elementary school. This delightful story boosts children's confidence and gives them a happy, positive feeling about themselves and their abilities. It is beautifully written and filled with lyrical poetic language. This book makes a child and adult want to keep on reading to see what happens next. I highly recommend it! "

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Clementine is a cow with an unusual birthmark in the shape of a butterfly. She wasn't tall and stout like the other cows, instead, she was short, skinny, and had a very thin tail. All of the other cows would laugh at her awkwardness and Clementine became so disheartened, she wanted to become something else. Anything but a cow! After observing other animals, Clementine decides she would like to be a cat. A cat is more poised and if she were a cat, she could climb fences and trees! Finally, she calls on her Fairy God Cow and this is where Clementine's journey to self-acceptance and love begins. This book sends the beautiful message to our earliest readers about how their unique attributes are a blessing to someone - even when it doesn't seem true.