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 A sweeping road trip infused with trauma and hope

The voice is lyrical and stunning while still readable and relatable. Subtly masterful without showing off. One candidate for the great American novel, grappling with pain and guilt and grief and rage, the loss of a tender childhood, a sensibility that takes a breath and sees the beauty and the madness in the world, nature, and human nature. Utterly absorbing, it works along that interesting line that marries plot and artistry, reminiscent of Denis Johnson, Raymond Carver, Jim Harrison, Russell Banks…

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​How did Henry Dolan end up here, heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico?The one place in the world he swore he would never set foot in again—

—the town where he lost his wife and daughter nearly a decade ago. Maybe it’s the eleven pounds of high-grade weed in the trunk of his car that he can’t sell anywhere else. Maybe it is something much deeper.

It is time for him to finally meet his daughter and reckon with the harm he caused. Cadence, now ten, helps Henry open his long locked-away heart, exposing the wounds he has kept concealed. In healing, he finds a mysterious connection between his daughter and his own tragic childhood.

The Vanishing Point is about disappearance, trauma and memory, and the possibilities of redemption through a great American road trip and a peek into a mid-western childhood. It is a meditation on Karma and the way we lose and find ourselves over and over again.

The Vanishing Point

BY Michael Backus