Mr. Fietzer has done it again! His latest creation weaves a complex tale that in ways is as educational as entertaining. His characters' odysseys travel through strife and war on Earth with sojourns through a complex rendition of Hell in multiple forms from various myths and aims of worship from ancient Greeks through Zoroastrianism. Never a dull moment, the wild ride has many twists and turns that will keep you turning pages. Well done again, sir.

                     -- John J Higgins, author of the Archangel Jarahmael series

Mission: Soul Sacrifice

BY  William 'Bill' Fietzer

He stopped them once . . . now all of hell has joined them in revenge.

Though psychologist and shaman, Dr. Victor Furst, rescued the soul of his ex, Evelyn, from the spiritual realm of Hades, he remains uneasy about Basil Zarkisian, the psychic vampire who imprisoned her soul. Will he keep his part of their Faustian bargain?

Hearing the U.S. embassy in Armenia has been bombed, he learns Zarkisian’s rebel group, the Anausavareds (New Immortals), claim responsibility for this and for the region around Mt. Ararat, their ancient kingdom of Hayastan.

Meanwhile, his ever-resentful step-daughter, Miriam, is confined to a military hospital’s psychiatric clinic, but her soul is incarcerated in Tartarus, a prison in Hades. Must Victor rescue her soul as well?

Not only Miriam’s soul is at stake. The U.S. military threatens retaliation, the nuclear option not out of the question. A widening, dimensional rift in the sky over Mt. Ararat reveals thousands of devils massing for invasion. Scores of people may die with millions more becoming living storage batteries for Zarkisian, the psychic vampires, and their devil master, Lord Ahriman.

Can Victor, Evelyn, and Miriam put aside their resentments long enough to stop the carnage?