"With deep, rich, jewel-toned art which seems to cast a glow of its own accompanying the text of this empowering tale, the author and illustrator present a story which will help every child see that he or she has a vital place in the scheme of life, discouraging envy and encouraging confidence and high morale. "

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How the Moon Became Dim is inspired by an ancient Hebrew text about the Sun and Moon's creation. Originally, both were the same size and emitted an equal amount of light. The Moon wished to be brighter and more powerful than the Sun. The Master of the Universe taught dear Moon how her value was equal to the Sun and how her special beauty and power is exactly as intended. This valuable teaching helps children learn to discover their own inherent value - just as they were designed by their Creator . An early lesson on dealing with envy and jealousy.

Author, Ruth Wiseman, uses this story to encourage young readers the importance of self-acceptance and the value of their own particular talent - their light for the World.

"I can’t wait to share How the Moon Became Dim with the children who come to my library classes. I love it for so many reasons..."

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"A wonderful story which reads like a legend... except that it is based on an ancient incident from Creation. The author brings the tale magically to life in a child-friendly manner... "

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