When 1980's party-boy, Billy Baxton, comes across a listing for the perfect fixer-upper in a neighborhood well outside his normal budget, he can't believe his luck may be changing for the better finally. Complete with an old swimming pool and a finished basement; housing an abandoned billiard table and an old Pac-Man machine-it has the potential to be the quintessential bachelor pad of which he's always dreamed. A chance to embark on the next chapter of his young life and escape his run-down apartment complex with smelly hallways, beer-saturated carpets, and paper-thin walls.

After moving in with his slacker roommate, Buddha, Billy slowly learns that the house harbors a morbid secret. One that immediately absorbs his insatiable curiosity. As he begins to dig deeper into the history of this house and previous owner, he is slowly drawn into a bizarre rabbit-hole of black magic, hidden rooms, portals, and beautiful, interdimensional creatures beyond worldly imagination.

Billy assumes he has discovered the key to a utopian realm, but eventually learns that there is a darkness that lurks beyond the fabric of this reality. A darkness that could potentially lead to the ultimate extinction-the extinction of mankind.

Beyond the Black Mirror

BY Matthew Pongratz

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Beyond the Black Mirror jumps right into the story, keeping the reader on high alert from the beginning. Though it offers a glimpse into another world, it also reflects our own in the way people can change when tempted by something wonderful yet deadly. Pongratz does a wonderful job transporting the reader back a few decades as well as to a place alien to us altogether​. 

​                      ~ Cassidy Barker – author of Spoon Licker

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