Cactus Moon Publications was established in January of 2014 and is still growing today. We are a small, independent publisher dedicated to the art of storytelling to teach, entertain, and enrich.


Are you a 'traditional' publishing company? 

Yes. We are traditional in that we do not charge the author to publish their work. 

Do you require an agent? 


Do you have a publicity department or do you market for the author?

We do not have a publicity department and we assist the author in marketing. We promote

frequently in the first year of publication through artistic videos, social media, and advertising. We do not provide promotional materials for authors nor set up sales events and interviews. Marketing is collaborative.

Do you provide editing services.

Yes, we do a copy-edit in the beginning and at the last format for publishing. We do NOT offer line-by-line editing or content editing. If we receive a submission that requires more editing than we offer, we will make those recommendations to the author at that time.