Submission Guidelines

At Cactus Moon Publications (CMP), we are looking for well-written, well-edited manuscripts. While we do provide content and copy editing as well as proofing, these should be the final steps. If the manuscript contains too many grammatical errors or typos, we will return the manuscript without consideration.  CMP publishes in paperback, eBook, and, in some cases, audio and hardback.

Cactus Moon Publications, LLC is the parent company for Kal-Ba Publishing, and Saturn’s Moon Press.

Kal-Ba Publishing accepts all non-fiction titles falling under the spiritual, paranormal (to include the occult), and self-help. We will accept titles under specific genres such as: Christian, Jewish, Islam, Pagan, and other paths of faith. We will NOT accept any title whose content seeks to divide and/or alienate readers on another path.

Saturn’s Moon Press is our YA and Children’s press. Illustrations must be submitted with manuscript. Manuscript submissions without illustrations: We will provide a referral and assist with price negotiations but the author is fully responsible for the cost of the illustrations.

Cactus Moon Publications accepts non-fiction titles under the political, historical, and mainstream health and wellness genres. Fiction titles include crime, detective, and general romance, paranormal, horror, mysteries, and thrillers. Romance and mild erotica is acceptable under these genres. We have no limit on fear and excitement!  We do not accept politically inflammatory titles or submissions without proper reference to information.

All non-fiction titles must have documented research listed in a bibliography and index as needed.

We will not accept:

• Manuscripts that mention personal names and businesses without the proper permissions.
• Submissions for poetry, screenplays, novellas, or fan-fiction.
• Graphic Novels

Submission Method:
Submissions are by electronic means ONLY. CMP does not accept manuscript submissions via snail-mail or other carrier, except through special arrangement. Please submit your manuscript with synopsis, CV, attached. In the body, please include your query, list of prior published titles to include self-published, and marketing strategy to:

While we give every effort to timely perusal of submissions, it may take as long as four to six weeks to learn of acceptance.

**We are no longer accepting manuscripts for 2017.  If you are interested in having your book reviewed for 2018 please specify this in your query.