"Sandy Wright's initial offering is a gift to all who choose to partake of it. In addition to learning about Native American spiritual beliefs and some magick, a wonderful, electric romance lives within the pages. "

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"Fantastic storytelling. The author weaves a wonderful tale of witches, demons and magic, yet the focus on great characters with wonderful stories is what makes this such a great book. Fans of urban fantasy will love this book. Fans of great stories with complex characters will love it even more."

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What would you die for?

Samantha Danroe doesn't believe in magic. Her ex-husband cured her of happily-ever-after when he cheated on her three days after saying I-do.
She doesn't believe in ghosts. Until her mother's ghost rises from a Halloween bonfire with a warning of death from beyond the grave.
And she certainly doesn't believe in witchcraft. Until she becomes the prey in an ancient war waged between good and evil. A war whose rules she must scramble to learn to stay alive.

In need of protection, Samantha turns to the mysterious Nicholas Orenda, a sixth-generation witch on the trail of a creature who is systematically killing off his family. According to his family's prophecy, three will be sacrificed to the dark. His mother and grandmother are already dead, and Nicholas doesn't have time to play by the rules.

Samantha finds herself in the center of a deadly hunt for a mysterious foe. Can she find the strength to defeat a supernatural killer and prevent the third sacrifice? Or will she be the catalyst that opens the gates to the Underworld?
Song of the Ancients is the debut book in the Ancient Magic series.
Readers interested in witchcraft, shamanism--or just the dark side of the supernatural world around us--will enjoy this paranormal suspense, written by a real-life Wiccan High Priestess.