After many years of research in the Amazon, Psychologist Victor Furst finally acquired the shamanic ability to detect psychic vampires and retrieve the souls of their victims. As happens with endeavors driven by passion, his discoveries would not come without sacrifice—his wife, Evelyn, grew tired of his absence and left—taking his precious daughter, Miriam, with her.

Rob Prager's passion is wreck diving, delving into the history of old shipwrecks right up close - no better way to satisfy the curiosity. One dive in Lake Michigan triggers more than just his curiosity-it feels more familiar. A slide show of images run through his mind like memories. . .but whose? In his visions, he is Captain McKay who longs to free the spirits of his crew. After investigation, Rob discovers photographs and other documents suggesting foul play in the ship's sinking. Is this a former lifetime? Or did Rob's passion draw Captain McKay to enlist his help from beyond?