Tony Lee Moral launched his Ghost Maven book series on Labor Day weekend at the Old Capitol Books store in Monterey, one of the few independent book stores in the Bay area. People were delighted to find out about the new Young Adult series and learn about the beauty and supernatural history of Monterey. Tony followed his talk about what inspired him to write the novel with a book signing that engaged his fans.

Bethany Ramos at her first book signing in New Braunfels at The Purple Chair.

We had a great turnout, with wine for the adults and flashlights and a book reading for the kids.

Melissa Carrigee at a book signing for her book, I Dream of Dragons.

We all had a great time reading, looking at the pictures and talking about our dreams.

Ruth Wiseman at her first book signing for How the Moon Became Dim.

It was a terrific day on Sunday, May 7, at Afikomen Judaica. We had lovely sun, moon, and star cookies, lots of children, and adult guests to celebrate the release of my book.

Alayne Smith presents at the Decatur Book Festival

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