"Ghost Maven is a supernatural mystery, a coming of age story with romance, faith, and hope. The biggest theme in the novel is what it means to be alive, focusing on Alice as she tries to navigate her grief for her mother, her new relationship with a ghost, and her family. As history, a curse, and ghosts plague the town, life and death are tackled in a unique way. Tony Lee Moral doesn't shy away from his characters questioning belief, and they are confronted with whether they need to see to believe, or believe to see. The plot comes full circle by the end, but the last page will leave you wanting more. It's clear this is just the beginning for Alice. Ghost Maven is a must-read with strong prose that carries an eerie undercurrent, slowly delving into details as the mystery unfolds. "

Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

"This book is an ideal read for young females and anyone who loves a great ghost story or paranormal romance."

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Long distance relationships are difficult - can love bridge a divide between the third and fourth dimension? For a Ghost Maven, it is as simple as living in another zip code - but is Alice prepared for her role as a Ghost Maven? More importantly, can she save her first love? Alice Parker's mother passes away and with her father and little sister, Sophie, she moves to Pacific Grove in California. Alice is deathly afraid of the water despite living in a community surrounded by the sea. In order to forge her way through the phobia, she joins the Kayaking club in high school. During a routine kayaking drill, a fog rolls in and Alice becomes disoriented, losing all sense of direction. A large wave turns the kayak over, dumping Alice into the icy-cold pacific. She nearly drowns when a young man dives in after her - Henry Raphael. After Henry's rescue, Alice gains more than her life. Henry is a handsome seventeen-year-old or more accurately, one-hundred-seventeen years. The relationship between them takes Alice on a journey for which no one could prepare her. Henry died over a century ago but lives on in the fourth plane of existence, waiting for an opportunity to atone for causing the death of his ship's entire crew. Their vengeance still hanging over his head, Henry and Alice learn their love will be tested by more than the passage of time.