Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Cactus Moon a traditional publisher or vanity press?
A - We are considered a small "indie" press. We do not charge a fee for manuscript acceptance and the manuscript goes through our editing process.   We design your book cover and format your book.  For distribution we use various methods including POD (print on demand) and a local printer.

Q – I hear bookstores won’t usually accept books from POD authors and publishers, is this true?
A - Bookstores prefer to purchase books from large distributors because they can offer discounts most POD distributors cannot. Not only that, they can return the books for a refund if the books do not sell. This is the primary reason a bookstore will not carry a POD title in their store. Cactus Moon does offer to accept returns as well as standard discounts for their purchase if they wish to order directly from our company.

Q – Who do you use for distribution?
A – Our primary method of distribution is Ingram/Lightning Source. Secondary is a local printer and we also use Create Space. As a small press trying to reach as many readers as possible, our distribution is varied.

Q – If I publish with you, will my book be sold in bookstores like Barnes and Noble?
A – We are a small "indie" press. That being said, getting your book into a brick-and-mortar like Barnes and Noble will be difficult. The best strategy for getting your book into a book store is going local. We send a press release to book stores in your area with our vendor information. We highly suggest a follow-up by the author as book store owners are overwhelmed with the amount of authors trying to get their books into the store. Cactus Moon believes that relationship is the best sales tool for an author. Personally visiting a book store makes a big difference. Consignment is another option. We seek readers and recommend any method to reach them.

Q – How do you market my book? Do you book events and signings for me?
A- Even though we market our titles fiercely, it is Cactus Moon’s philosophy that all collaborators have a stake in their product. That being the case, Cactus Moon works closely with the Author to ensure world-wide availability/coverage and reviews.  We do not book authors for events and gigs unless we are participating in an event to promote the company. Otherwise, this falls under author promotion.

Q – What do you mean by author promotion?
A - Cactus Moon sees the title as a product being equally promoted in tandem with the author. As an entity unto themselves, the author should market himself and his work(s) as such. In other words, the author is the sole proprietor of their business/brand, if you will. The author must become familiar with using various methods/social sites/mechanisms to market their work(s).  This is the case with most publishers.

Q – Do you submit our books to reviewers and contests?
A - Cactus Moon makes every effort to reward an author’s marketing efforts through award submissions, local events, and paid reviews. Not every book is going to win an award and since contests are costly, CMP submits a title based on several factors and not all will be considered.

We submit to Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal as well as many other review publications based on the title.

Our authors are encouraged to take part in their local community, so in some circumstances we will pay the fees for an author to represent their title at a local event. Decisions are based on many variables and there is no guarantee for every title and author. The author must be motivated and pro-active, having taken initiative in doing due diligence to the creation of a marketing strategy and demonstrated its implementation.
For questions not addressed, please email