Cactus Moon


A story of a boy who realizes he can be anything he wants in his dreams.  Join his adventure as he becomes a knight, a paleontologist and even a dog. 

This book inspires children to dream big.   Filled with fantastic illustrations and fun to read prose.

After dropping his university studies in physics, Vincent Tremons decides to look for a day job. Naturally inquisitive, he wanders through various forms of employment, often yielding to fantasy rather than reality. 

Vincent lands a job at a restoration studio where he meets Alistair Askham, an eccentric master of art restoration. After a few years in Askam’s studio, and a pivotal event, Vincent begins to hear voices and is drawn into the identity of painter, Hieronymus Bosch.

Vincent is referred to the Abbott Clinic, specializing in mental disorders suffered by painters and others employed in the arts. There, he meets young and ambitious  - Dr. Antonia Mittens - who soon discovers that Vincent has been harboring a secret. A crime committed at Askam's studio that drives him deeper into fantasy - and away from Antonia.

Antonia, tired and heartbroken, leaves the clinic and the mystery called Vincent Tremens - until she begins to receive mysterious letters from Vincent looking as though written in medieval times. What possible game could Vincent being playing with her now? 

Did Vincent write to her from the past? What is the parallel between Vincent and the master painter, Hieronymus Bosch? 

Most importantly, will he sweep Antonia into madness with him?

Rob Prager's passion is wreck diving, delving into the history of old shipwrecks right up close - no better way to satisfy the curiosity.

One dive in Lake Michigan triggers more than just his curiosity-it feels more familiar. A slide show of images run through his mind like memories. . .but whose? In his visions, he is Captain McKay who longs to free the spirits of his crew. After investigation, Rob discovers photographs and other documents suggesting foul play in the ship's sinking. 

Is this a former lifetime? Or did Rob's passion draw Captain McKay to enlist his help from beyond?