What if the world’s fairy tales weren’t just bedtime stories? What if they were based on historical events from a faraway land, passed down from generation to generation by refugees transported to our world, unable to return? And what if you found out you were one of them?

Thousands of years have passed since the ælfin race crossed the realmbridge, but there are some who still possess the magic of their forefathers, fighting the reapers and preparing for the day when the druidae will finally return to Faer Ri. The hopes of a lost race lie with a young boy and his family as they strive to find one another and achieve their true potential.

Tales From Faer Ri: Dawn of the Druidae is a fantasy novel intended for the Middle Reader category, but will be received well by Young Adults and Adults who enjoy exciting fantasy stories that maintain a family-friendly narrative


It is Berlin 1920, Klara and Lev, from two seemingly irreconcilable worlds, meet during a time of increasing social unrest and prejudice. Their courtship confronts them with the political and racial struggles in Germany during this turbulent period. Klara and Lev, caught in Berlin's upheaval during the rise of National Socialism, must ask themselves who they really are. What are their core values? What, in a world gone mad, is the value of love?

The author, Rita Kuhn wrote 'Another Ruth' to pay tribute to her mother, Frieda Kuhn. A woman of unfailing courage and devotion. It is a fiction story based on true events. Rita's inspiration comes from family lore, old photographs, and family documents.

Rita published her memoir, 'Broken Glass. Broken Lives: A Jewish Girl's Survival story in Berlin, 1933-1945.

Upon the Lion and the Serpent employs no gentle words to tell the story of the Grunsteins, some of whom live in war-torn geographies, many who face hatred and hardships, and all pull “their hearts out of their bodies and hold them suspended,” while praying for better days. 

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