Cactus Moon


Clementine is a cow that wasn't tall and stout like the other cows, instead, she was short, skinny, and had a very thin tail. All of the other cows would laugh at her so Clementine decides she would rather be a cat.  Thanks to her Fairy God-Cow her wish comes true...partly.

Are you afraid of the monsters who come out at bedtime? Do you ever wonder what lives under the bed with the dust-bunnies?

Bunny-stein that's who!

There's a Bumbie Under My Bed is the story of a child's relationship with various monster-bunnies that come out when he is trying to sleep.

The Kitty-Cow

by Gloria T. Delamar

and William T. Delamar

I Want To Be Famous is the story of a boy who breaks his habit of always trying to seek attention in the spotlight.

Bracha Goetz is a supreme children's author when it comes to using a story to satisfy the natural curiosity in children. 
In the story, a young boy begins to search for God. He looks in many places he thinks God could be but to no avail.

Where Is God?

by Bracha Goetz

There's a Bumbie Under My Bed!

by Bethany Ramos

I Want To Be Famous!

by Bracha Goetz