Clementine is a cow that wasn't tall and stout like the other cows, instead, she was short, skinny, and had a very thin tail. All of the other cows would laugh at her so Clementine decides she would rather be a cat.  Thanks to her Fairy God-Cow her wish comes true...partly.

Fun and colorful characters from Alice the alligator to Zeke the zebra help children learn the alphabet through associating each letter with an animal friend. Animalistic Alphabet is a creative way to make learning fun - a plus for visual learners.

Are you afraid of the monsters who come out at bedtime? Do you ever wonder what lives under the bed with the dust-bunnies?

Bunny-stein that's who!

There's a Bumbie Under My Bed is the story of a child's relationship with various monster-bunnies that come out when he is trying to sleep.

The Kitty-Cow

by Gloria T. Delamar

and William T. Delamar

​​I Want To Be Famous!

by Bracha Goetz

The Only One Zoo

by Phillip Mygatt

On September, 1, 1914, Martha, the last known living passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo - she was the "only one" left on earth. Professor Thumbknuckle began wondering about how many "only ones" we lose every year.

Originally, both the Sun and the Moon were the same size and emitted an equal amount of light. The Moon wished to be brighter and more powerful than the Sun. The Master of the Universe taught dear Moon how her value was equal to the Sun and how her special beauty and power is exactly as intended. This valuable teaching helps children learn to discover their own inherent value - just as they were designed by their Creator .

How the Moon Became Dim

by Ruth Wiseman

Bracha Goetz is a supreme children's author when it comes to using a story to satisfy the natural curiosity in children. 
In the story, a young boy begins to search for God. He looks in many places he thinks God could be but to no avail.

Where Is God?

by Bracha Goetz

I Want To Be Famous is the story of a boy who breaks his habit of always trying to seek attention in the spotlight.

There's a Bumbie Under My Bed!

by Bethany Ramos

Amazing Alpha-Animals

by Bob Harper